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Worshippers of God

One motto in the Vineyard is ‘Come as you are’, so please do and join us in pursuing the good presence of God.

As you arrive at any of our meetings, you’ll notice that they are informal, people wear whatever they like and aim to be themselves. You can be yourself too. We have a friendly environment, so don’t be surprised if someone comes and speaks to you for the first time (they are probably just as nervous as you are!).

Our meeting will start with a time of praise and worship that contains 4 songs. This is followed by any announcements and a message that lasts around 30 minutes.

After the message we have a ministry time. This is where people are given an opportunity to respond to the message, receive prayer for healing (or any other issue) as well as a general opportunity to draw closer to God. The aim of this time is to make room for God to communicate to us by His Holy Spirit. Our prayer teams are trained to provide an authentic time of prayer for you, so take advantage of this opportunity.

If you want to give financially, this can be done online (click here) or via text (text amount to 84321). If you are our guest, please do not feel obligated to give.

Our Sunday Worship Meeting starts at 10:00am at Verdae YMCA, 3 Legacy Park Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

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Enjoy your visit!