Why the Y?

Many people ask why our church meets at the YMCA, and then follow that with ‘When are you going to get your own building?’ So here are some answers:

Why the Y?

We are a family church (almost half our congregation are children) and are committed to being family and child friendly for the long haul, we also want to be a group that loves and blesses the community around us regardless of whether they are in our church or not.  These are values shared by the Greenville YMCA and YMCAs all throughout the US.  Many YMCAs like churches to meet on their property and are open to joining resources occasionally to be a blessing to the community around them.  Eastside Y is such a place.  So, we meet there because it is easier for the community to access us and it keeps us outwardly focussed as we look to help the Y bless those people in the community around us from fall festivals to marriage courses to coaching kids sports, we like to get involved.

When will you move or get your own building?

Short answer:  When we have to.  Our church has been part of the Greater Greenville landscape for a number of years.  We have owned building and sold buildings as they have served us and the city.  Our commitment is not to a structure, but to being a living faith community in the Upstate. At the moment, we are able to do a better work for Jesus by putting our resources into people and ministry rather than facilities. We will consider a building when it is something that will add to the mission we have in Jesus, not just for the sake of having one.  The building must serve and add to the mission and right now the best place for that is the YMCA.

So do not let the fact that we meet at the YMCA give you a sense that we are not permanent,  we are as permanent as any church.  Rather let that fact give you a sense that we are serious about good stewardship and how we use resources.  So come check us out and see how it works for yourself.