Serving our Community

Journey Bags

We are collecting items to fill Journey Bags!  These are bags that are given to children entering or moving around in the foster care system.  Often these children have nothing and the Journey bag is something that they can call their own, providing a little comfort in an otherwise very unsettling time.

We are currently handing out paper bags that you can fill, a suggested item list is attached to the bag.  So if you wish to contribute you can either take a bag and fill it yourselfteam up with a group to fill a bag and spread the cost, or if you are on a low budget, but still want to contribute you can bring an item.

Once we have filled the bags, which we will do on May 24th, we will pass them on to ‘The Forgotten Initiative’ who are a bridging organization helping churches to serve the Fostering and Adoption Community.

Listen out for announcements on a Sunday, look at our page here, or contact the church for more information.


Blessings Bag Outreach

An idea pioneered by the kids and young people in our church.  We made bag of essential goods that homeless people may need for personal cleanliness.  We then handed them out and encourage people to keep a bag in their vehicle should they come across someone in need of these items.


One of the benefits of having our Sunday meeting in a YMCA is partnership.  We often will partner on a number of events with the YMCA to help in serving and reaching out to our community.  These include festivals, courses and sponsoring to name but a few, see some of the images below to get a taste of what we mean.


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